4700 Super Clean Aerosol Solvent (20 oz)

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Formulated as a quick, safe, multipurpose solvent.  Used for removing silicone wax, adhesives, tar, undercoating, sealers, paint overspray, and bugs.  Film-free, non-staining, and contains no chlorinated solvents of CFC’s. 


Safe on most fully cured paints, fabric, vinyl, glass, and most plastics. 


24 oz. aerosol can.      


4700 TDS


4700 SDS

Sales Restrictions/VOC

This product is 100% VOC. Do not use in any body shop or refinishing shop that is governed by local or state motor vehicle refinishing regulations which limits the VOC of surface prep solvents. IES Super Clean is not VOC compliant as a surface prep solvent in those facilities governed by VOC regulations. States known to have such regulations include CA, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, RI, TX and WI.


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4700 – 24 oz. aerosol can.

1700 – 32 oz can.

1701 – 1 gallon can.