8405 Inter-mix 10 Bare Metal Seam Sealer (300ml)

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Designed for sealing vertical and horizontal seams and joints.  It can also be used as an adhesive or filler.


Bare metal, primed metal, SMC, FRP, fiberglass, and most other plastics.   


Non-sagging, firm, and semi-flexible.




300ml (10 fl. oz.) 1:1 dual component cartridge

Working Time

10-15 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Sandable/Paintable Time

45 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Full Cure Time

6-8 hours at 70°F/21°C

Shelf Life

Guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.


8405 TDS


Hardener / Resin


8405 Cartridge and 3 static mixers (#8260).

Sales Restrictions/VOC (USA)

No sales restrictions.        


8405 Inter-Mix 10 is a multi-use seam sealer/adhesive.  It is firm, semi-flexible, and non-sagging, so it may be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Our 8405 bonds to almost any substrate, even aluminum and other bare metals.  This product can be feather-edged and holds texture so you can achieve an OEM finish.  This product is versatile and could also be used as an adhesive/filler for various other repairs you may need to make.  We also implement corrosion inhibiting chemistry for a permanent repair.  We offer our 300ml cartridges so you can complete more repairs and get a much greater value than you will with most other brands out there.  If you aren’t in need of a large kit, we’ve got you covered with our 220ml kits listed below.  

220ml (7.4 fl. Oz.) Inter-Mix 10 Colors

8603 - White

8604 - Beige

8605 - Gray

8606 - Black