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8417 Inter-Mix 5 Flexible Adhesive/Filler/Surfacer (300ml)

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Designed as an extremely flexible adhesive/filler/resurfacer.  Used to repair urethane bumpers, filler panels. Valances, flexible vinyl or plastic parts.  May be used to reinforce major tears and cuts.  Also used as a door glass channel adhesive.


Urethane, vinyl, plastic, metal, and glass.    


Extremely flexible. 




300ml (10 fl. oz.) 1:1 dual component cartridge

Working Time

5-10 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Sandable/Paintable Time

10-15 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Full Cure Time

6-8 hours at 70°F/21°C

Shelf Life

Guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.


8417 TDS


Hardener / Resin


8417 Cartridge and 3 static mixers (#8260).

Sales Restrictions/VOC

No sales restrictions.



8417 was designed as an extremely flexible adhesive, filler, and resurfacer for repairing urethane bumpers, filler panels, valences, flexible vinyl parts, and flexible plastic parts.  8417 has a lap shear strength (ATSM 1002D) of 700 psi, which makes it a great product for reinforcing tears and cuts that require flexibility.  It also adheres well to metal and glass, so it is a great door glass channel adhesive.  We offer our 300ml cartridges so you can complete more repairs and get a much greater value than you will with most other brands out there.  If you need a smaller kit, we’ve got you covered with our 200ml kit, product 8617.