8455 Inter-Foam 10 Rigid Foam (300ml)

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Designed as a rigid urethane foam used to replicate OEM foams.  Reinforces pillar posts and box sections.  Stops wind, water, and dust leaks.  Eliminates panel flutter, provides sound deadening, and provides compressive strength. 


Metal and plastics. 


Rigid (Compressive strength: 170 PSI) (Density: 5.5-6.5 per cubic foot.)




300ml (10 fl. oz.) 1:1 dual component cartridge

Working Time

10-20 Seconds at 70°F/21°C

Handling Time

3-4 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Paintable Time

10-15 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Full Cure Time

30-45 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Shelf Life

Guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.


8455 TDS


Side A / Side B


8455 Cartridge and 3 static mixers (#8260).

Sales Restrictions/VOC

No sales restrictions.



8455 was designed as a rigid urethane foam used to replicate OEM foams.  It is used to reinforce pillar posts and box sections, stop wind leaks, dust leaks, and water leaks.  It eliminates flutter across members and provides compressive strength.  It a very strong and dense foam with a compressive strength of 170 PSI and a density of 5.5-6.5 per cubic foot.  This foam can also be painted after a short time.  We offer our 300ml cartridges so you can complete more repairs and get a much greater value than you will with most other brands out there.  If you need a smaller kit, we’ve got you covered with our 200ml kit, product 8655.