8612 Inter-Mix 5 Limited Flow Seam Sealer (200ml)

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Designed as a non-sagging, firm, semi-flexible, adhesive/seam sealer to be used on vertical and horizontal seams and joints.  Can be sprayed.    


Bare metal, primed metal, SMC, FRP, fiberglass, and most other plastics.   


Non-sagging, firm, and semi-flexible. 




200ml (6.76 fl. oz.) 1:1 dual component cartridge

Working Time

5-10 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Sandable/Paintable Time

20-30 minutes at 70°F/21°C

Full Cure Time

6-8 hours at 70°F/21°C

Shelf Life

Guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.


8612 TDS


Hardener / Resin


8612 Cartridge and 2 static mixers (#8260).

Sales Restrictions/VOC

No sales restrictions.



8612 was developed because we had many people asking for a faster curing version of our 8411 seam sealer.  Our solution was to get them exactly that.  It was designed as a fast acting, non-sagging, firm, semi-flexible adhesive/seam sealer.  It can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as almost any substrate, which makes it a versatile sealer.  It does well at holding texture so you can achieve an OEM finish.  Although the product is non-sagging, it can be sprayed with the proper equipment to achieve various OEM style seams.  8612 can also be used as an adhesive/filler.  If you would like a larger kit, we offer our 300ml kit, product 8412, so you can complete more repairs and get a much greater value than you will with most other brands out there.