Rubber Assembly Lubricant (4 oz)

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Provides temporary lubrication that makes rubber parts easier to install, remove, or position. Reduces friction by 70%.

  • Silicone Free.
  • Non-Toxic and biodegradable.
  • Dry Time-around 1 hour.
  • Once assembled, the lubricant dries, and the parts return to their original condition.  Even in the presence of moisture, the part will remain dry.  

USES: Weather Strips, Door Seals, Hoses, Grommets, Seals, Bushings, Engine Mounts, Insulators, Sleeves, Wiring Harnesses, Brake Lines, Transmission Lines, Tire Mounting, O-rings, Bumpers, Plugs, Boots, Bearings, Air Intake Hoses, and many more!